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The lighthouse in Eindhoven is a true icon, if not a beacon that could be seen (at the time) from a great distance from all sides. Although the building is much more than just the tower, the name of this beautiful national monument was renamed ‘The Light Tower’ in 2009. Number 324 occupies the entire top floor of this former light factory on the right-hand side of the tower. On six floors high, with two overwhelming terraces on either side of this historically beautiful penthouse, the centre of Eindhoven is literally at your feet.

The lighthouse marks an era. This is reflected, for example, in the design of the tower, which is a functionalist style with seven corners. The chosen form as well as the appearance of the building were decisive for its function. Although sober, the lighthouse is not only a style icon for Eindhoven, but also a tribute to the legacy of Philips.

The factories of Philips Light have been built on the Lichttoren. These were built, in parts, between 1909 and 1921. In the years 1909 – 1911 the western part of the current Lichttoren complex was built. From 1911 the Lichttoren was in use as a factory. In the period from 1919 to 1921, the factory – which follows the track in a straight line – was further expanded with an extension to the Emmasingel.
For many years, the Light Tower has served as the ‘head office’ for the lighting division of Philips. Although this division left the building a long time ago, the tower is still lit and gives the City of Lights its own interpretation.

After the lighting division of Philips has left, the upper floors of De Lichttoren will be used for residential purposes in 2008, while on the ground floor space will be created for the catering and retail sectors. In that year, the penthouse on the sixth floor will be acquired by the current residents, who will fill in the space as it is now. A space that can perhaps best be described as an ultra-modern loft within a historical icon, in the middle of the city.

From the side on the Mathildelaan, right next to Usine, as well as the other side of the building on the Lichtplein, you have access to the common spacious entrance of the Lichttoren. Here are the elevators to the upper floors and (parking) cellar, as well as the mailboxes. If you want to go to the sixth floor – to #324 – there is only one elevator. The right one, because only with this elevator and a personal key, you can reach this floor. Secured, which makes this floor perhaps the best kept secret in Eindhoven (approved by the VvE). Once upstairs you get out in the entrance area, which is adjacent to the front door of #324. Also the only door by the way, which means that you don’t share this space with anyone else. As soon as the generous front door opens and you enter, you intuitively enter another world. A lovely room overlooking the north (the side of the Bijenkorf), left the living room and right the corridor that includes the master bedroom leads.

We go to the left, and enter after opening the sleekly designed glass sliding doors, the living room. Which actually covers the entire space to the left of the entrance. The beautiful curved white architraves and intermediate black authentic curved concrete ceiling elements accentuate the length of this space and thus the depth. The huge (gas) fireplace with a sense of aesthetics placed in the middle of this space, brilliantly separates the living room from the (living) kitchen and dining room. The fireplace is a real eye-catcher with its view through and illustrates the well thought-out layout of the penthouse. Because behind the kitchen, or rather ‘above’ the kitchen, an office deck has been created with two desks. A deck that can be reached from both sides by stairs. A staircase that also provides ingenious access to the technical space and ‘hidden’ storage that has been realized underneath this deck. On deck from ‘the bridge’ you have a really great view of the kitchen, dining and living room. You will have to experience for yourself how special this is, but the fact that it is genius is an understatement.

The penthouse, which covers an area of 300 square metres, has a terrace that is over three metres deep on both the north and the south sides, along its entire length. The dark steel windows and doors that separate these rooms are equipped with robust steel shutters. Something that not only benefits the atmosphere of the apartment, but also provides a beautiful light. By creating cupboard and storage space along the full length of the penthouse on both sides, deep window sills have been created that create a beautiful and spacious effect.

Behind the kitchen – if you pass the office deck left or right through the hallway – you will find a utility/storage room or a beautiful luxury toilet. These rooms can also be reached by opening a beautiful hard glass door that you simply ‘roll’ to the side over a sleekly designed visible steel construction.

The toilet is just like the other ‘wet areas’ in the house impressive and exudes pure luxury and class. In all these rooms it is the beautiful mosaic walls that catch your eye. Modern sanitary facilities, taps, washbasins and even lighting are hardly noticeable. While these are very beautiful in themselves and allow the rooms to merge completely into one design.

The hand that has determined all these beautiful and well thought-out design and style elements is, by the way, that of the current residents themselves. Everything you find in this penthouse, which is unique and iconic by Eindhoven standards, you won’t find anywhere else in the world. This is why we would like to underline that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The kitchen that we passed earlier when we walked on to the upper deck has a wall with tall cabinets in which you will find a combi-oven, microwave, coffee machine and side-by-side refrigerator, fully integrated. The cooking island, which in principle stands on it lengthwise, has an unprecedented length and floats above the beautiful floor that you will find throughout the apartment. In the cooking island, if you like cooking, you’ll find everything your heart desires. The cooker hood appears fully automatically from the top, along with your favourite recipes. Because in the top is also a TV / monitor screen hidden where you can find all the ingredients, but also just as easily cooking tips & tricks on it during your cooking adventures. The open plan kitchen offers space for a long table that can accommodate all your friends and family. Even if they come over unexpectedly. The (gas) fireplace shines on this side of course just as beautiful as on the side of the living room. This creates an enchanting atmosphere that fits in perfectly with the intimacy of this open space.

All right, time to explore the other side, passing the entrance and the front door. In the hallway in which a gigantic cupboard wall is integrated, we are the first to encounter a beautiful toilet on the right-hand side of the hallway. Different, but instinctively the same and therefore again breathtakingly beautiful. If you follow the corridor in which this toilet is located, you will end up in a multifunctional space. A space that can serve as a bedroom, hobby room, study or guest room. A small private bathroom with shower make this space complete. More than even, because through this room you also have access to the laundry room, where the washer and dryer are. Above which a modern box bed has now been created for the grandchildren, but which can also be used as extra storage space.

Back to the hallway. We continue our way to the master bedroom. A lovely spacious bedroom that defies every imagination. Especially if on the other hand you discover the luxurious bathroom with a freestanding bath and sauna (which is not yet fully finished) gives substance to a wonderful wellness experience. A private spa in your bedroom, how relaxed can life be?! And if you want to watch TV after all – because where is it hidden in this room? – you just move the huge mirror on the wall.

The balconies on both sides of the penthouse are large. So big they deserve the term terrace. Logically, for that reason, they are now filled in like this. Terraces that, thanks to the full glass balustrades, look very large and offer a view of the city, but also of the parts of the city that lie behind it. You sit here – no matter how high – wonderfully sheltered and enjoy the sun on the north and south location always delicious. From the moment it is absorbed to the moment it is absorbed. And if it’s a little bit of weather, well into the future. Because in the evening, Eindhoven as a city of lights really lives up to its name. With a glass of wine at your fingertips, it’s pure enjoyment. All sorts of things. And life in particular, because when you live here, you really understand what the so-called privileges of life are.

Parking and extra storage space
Less interesting perhaps, but more than practical are the two accompanying and lockable spacious parking boxes in the basement. A cellar that is easily accessible and shared with the other residents of the complex. A basement where you will find besides the double parking also more storage rooms for the storage of larger things. Of course, the basement is well lit and secured and each room belonging to #324 can be locked separately.

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Construction year 2009
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Rooms 2
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